I Wanted to Share How I Manage my Budget

I don’t often talk about money on my blogs, and I rarely like to speak about it with my friends or family. I don’t have any big secrets, I just think these matters are personal. However, there is one aspect of my financial life that I share with people when asked because I like to give back where I can. That aspect is the ways that I save money each month. I think that everybody can benefit from sharing their ideas, and with this in mind, here are some of my favorites.

In the Kitchen

Your kitchen is the easiest and most impressive space that you can save money each month. It just takes a bit of extra time working on your budget. For example, here’s what I do when it comes to food:

  • I sit with a calendar and plan what meals I would like to eat each day
  • I compile a master list of all of the ingredients that will be needed to make the entire month of meals
  • I then look through my master list and group similar or the same items
  • With this final list, I look through my local supermarket catalogs and online deals for bulk savings for items on my list
  • While it can often take me an hour or so to complete the shopping list, you wouldn’t believe the amount of savings I can make by taking advantage of bulk items.

Out and About

Just because I live on a budget doesn’t mean that I stay at home and watch movies all night long until I fall asleep. In fact, as you will likely have read from my previous posts, I’m quite actively socially. My trick is to use services like the Groupon Coupons page for Ticketmaster. Instead of paying retail prices for tickets to bands or movies, I take advantage of coupons.

If the word coupons make you remember the days of cutting out pieces of card from magazines and papers, the world of modern coupons is very different. Redeemable offline or with your cell device in hand, coupons have become a big part of how I manage my finances.


I have a car. There, I said it! But I rarely drive it. And I mean, I’m not like one of those people who always say they don’t drive their car but always seems to arrive in style to every event, I mean that I barely drive it. The reason is that I discovered just how much I could save if I didn’t use it.

I started by making a rule to start on the first day each month where I wasn’t allowed to use my car for the next month. At all! This forced me to get creative in my thinking. I found that a mixture of public transport, ride sharing services, bike-sharing services, and good old walking were super cheap replacements that not only reduced my monthly transport budget but also got me out and about to enjoy my local areas.

So there you have it! Three of my best tips for reducing my monthly costs. I hope that they can benefit you just as much as they do me!