Yamashita treasure in the Philippines – Golden Buddha part 2

If this video is true, why are they so evil in keeping it to themselves? Earthly treasure cannot be brought when God will call them to eternal life. These people were so bad and surely they will destined to the burning fire when their stay on earth will be over.

Wealth should be shared by many especially the needy people and not to be kept by few. Whatever that a person was and will be doing, good or bad karma will be with them in due time.

Whoever was the mastermind of keeping that Golden Buddha will be thrown in the fire on their last day.

Blessings to this person and his family for what he endured during those life-threatening times.

Yamashita Treasures in the Philippines – Gold Buddha

So, it was Mr. Roxas and his friend who discovered the golden Buddha which they said it was being taken by armed men who believed to be the guards of the incumbent president during that time. Where his thought were true or other group of greedy people who were putting red on their heads? Everything was very confusing and traumatizing because of wealth and gold. Why people were and are so greedy when wealth cannot be brought at the end of their existence on earth?

If this video is true, the question is, ‘Where is the Golden Buddha now?”

Photo screenshot source: youtube video

I think this is for the year 2014 – the 25 best places to retire as per their URL

According to Forbes.com the #1 place to retire is Abilene, Texas. I’ve tried to read it from their list of the 25th place to the 1st place, hoping to see Colorado but then, I’ve seen none. Anyway, the url is – http://www3.forbes.com/lifestyle/the-25-best-places-to-retire-in-2014/26/. So, maybe the entire title of this article is ‘THE 25 BEST PLACES TO RETIRE IN 2014’ and not the present or future best places to retire (?). With Abilene, TX they described the place for having robust economy, warm climate, cost of living 13% below national average (I like this thing), average home price is $139,000 and with the cons of not very walkable. The things that I love most are the 13% below national average cost of living and the WARM CLIMATE. I just love warm places that will have green surroundings all year round.

Be responsible for your trashes when you hike at the mountains most esp in Manitou Incline

When I was lost alone on my way back down after having a successful hike at the Manitou Incline (my 3rd hike), I’ve seen lots of trash in that portion of the mountain. It was a mess as there were lots of empty bottles of mineral waters left by some hikers. I just forgot to take photos on that portion as I was worried of where to go and how to find the right path of the Barr trail again so that I can go down safely. I hope those hikers who left their bottles of mineral waters were responsible enough to bring their trashes back at their homes. In that way, they were taking care of the Mother Nature coz nature is alive and it needs care from everyone. Be responsible when you hike anywhere, bring back your trash and put them at the right bin!

Above that stone, there were lots of trashes.

Paris airport private transfer

Do you love to travel? If you do, what is the country and place that you want to visit? Do you love Paris? I am sure you do love this place. When you want to visit Paris, do try to have Paris airport private transfer for your transportation convenience. In this way, you are sure that your transportation is well taken care of. Do you want to book your travel right now?

Fun filled day that’s full of adventure

Last Friday, I drove to the other city for the educational field trip of my son (my daughter was us too). After that, we were driving around. I just enjoyed my time with them as I’ll be working full time for this season and I’ll be out from home for at least 8 hours. We were driving on the road for at least 2 to 3 hours. We didn’t drive much at the interstate as we drove on the country roads. And we should be visiting Palmer Lake but I didn’t have the address in my GPS so we ended up visiting the Monument Lake since I knew that place. After that, we went home tired and exhausted but field with fun and adventure. I thanked God for the day and for the safety in driving to our destinations and back home!

Castle Rock – View from inside the Library

Castle Rock – View from inside the Library

Castle Rock McDo for Lunch

We were Lost

Monument Lake

When you travel across the country would you prefer air travel or land travel?

Sometimes, it is nice to unwind and travel to certain parts of the country together with some families and friends. Yes, air travel is short and it is also fun as what other travelers always prefer but there are some who prefer to do the land travels. One of the reasons why they are making the land travel is that they love to see beautiful sceneries on the roads that they will be passing by. They love to stop at any points before they arrive on their destination and savior the places that they choose. Sometimes, they will use their vehicles in traveling from cities Continue reading »

Luxury home hanging on a cliff in Texas

Oh my, this 400sq ft. luxury home in Lake Whitney, Texas is worth $700,000 and it is now hanging from a cliff in which debris are falling like about 45 feet below. According to what I’ve read in this yahoo link – http://news.yahoo.com/luxury-texas-home-dangles-from-cliff-s-edge-134924360.html – that this home has large cracks and everyone in the area are advised not to get near with this sign “Extreme Danger, Stay off Premises”. Furthermore, resident heard something like a crash on the evening of Tuesday.

Screenshot is from the video of this yahoo link.

London Apartment and the upcoming travels

I love to travel ever since I was a kid. As much as possible, I will travel to any place that I love to discover. And it is the reason why I am here living abroad with my family. But my heart for travel doesn’t end up on where I am right now. I am still thinking of traveling to the other part of the world and that place is Europe. I do love this place. As per my cousin narrated to me, that Europe is a very nice place and it is easy to travel from one country to another. Now, the country that I love to visit in Europe is London. I know and I do believe that someday I can visit here with my family. After visiting London, I also want to bring my family to Paris and see the Eiffel tower’s beauty.

Talking about travelling to London, what I’d like to have is to let my family experience the coziness of any beautiful London Apartments. I want that even if my family is traveling, I want them to experience the comfort of living a home wherein it is like our own place like in any London Apartments. I know this is going to be possible hopefully next year. I can’t wait to let my family enjoy the beauty of this country and to witness the nice historical places. I want them to enjoy travel that will last forever!

Another exciting adventure

Today would be one of the most exciting adventures that I will have. Want to know where I am going and what I will be doing? Okay, I will be going up pikes peak mountain. I already charged my camera and I already prepare my gears for the coldness up there. This would be my first time in visiting and discovering the place. I hope it is going to be okay since they said that the air on top of the peak is so thin because of the high elevation. In that, I will have to see myself today. Got to talk about this more soon!