Want to Succeed? Get More Sleep.

I have always loved inspirational and motivational talks of seasoned speakers especially delivered by a woman of power and prowess in public speaking. That every word of motivation pointed out seems like a nourishment to my sometimes weary and unmotivated life. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot more reminiscing my old kind of lifestyle as a regular office worker slash part-time mother. I’ve been visiting those inspirational talks I had shared with my students back then. I always loved to discuss talks like the one from TED because it not only nourishes my soul but the fact that I’ve shared it with other people is more fulfilling and satisfying on my part as an ESL teacher to Korean students. Below is one of my favorites and I hope you too would also like to watch this motivational speaker, Arianna Huffington, who is a co-founder of one of the most popular online news portal – The Huffington Post. I so love this talk about success. Now, I’m thinking of getting some sleep. Smiles.

Thanks to TED.com for sharing wonderful talks to the world. Smiles.

Time is Fleeting

Time won’t wait for anyone. It is fleeting like no other and it flies by so quickly that no one busy person notices it. For those who spend their days on nothing notice not about how time passes by. Weird isn’t it? Oh well, only the person who spend his day truly and fully can notice how he spends his time fruitfully and productively. How about you? How did you spend your time in the yesterday and how will you spend your time today and tomorrow? Just a thought, though. 🙂

There is Nothing More

Once you are a mom, there is nothing more when there is less. Nothing more to enjoy with yourself but also nothing less to make room for other people. As a mom of an adorable boy, there is nothing more to enjoy myself now that I am taking of him full time since I last quit from my job almost two months ago. There is also nothing less to make room for other people. I say this because though I am at home all the time, it does not limit my interaction with my friends and the people that matter to me online. Oh hail advanced technology! 🙂

Just Like a Mustard Seed

These days I’ve come to realize that faith is one of the most important parts of a man’s life. Sometimes, life strikes us hard the least we expect it that we hit rock-bottom very hard. Not until we learn to rely on the One and hold our heads up high with bended knees, then we come to realize that faith even the size of a mustard seed can bring us back to reality again with a very different perspective of life. What is important is that we, even though how busy we might be every day, learn how to talk to Him in silence and surrender everything to His mighty hands. That is why whenever I think of the mustard seed, I always am reminded that faith no matter how small can move mountains no matter how insurmountable they may be.

just like a mustard seed


While I was mopping the floor an hour ago a sudden realization flashed through my mind. My mind is asking me how contented am I for what I have now. Job in a foreign country away from my comfort zone, a man who loves me so much [well,I guess so], material possessions, friends, Continue reading »

A Debt Must be Paid

If somebody owes you some money and just played to forget every time you asked him about the debt. What would be your reaction and what would you do? Are you going to be fuming mad and start a clash with him? Or are you going to gradually make him realize that a debt must be paid? Has this situation happened to you or to your family and or friends? How did you/they solve it? Continue reading »

Phone Call

The phone rang while I was mopping the floor this afternoon. I hurriedly went to the study room and picked it up. It was my headmaster who told me about the organized trip tomorrow morning. He told me that we need to bring our respective swimming wear and passport to book for a Continue reading »

I Am Excited!

I dismissed my class today last since they took too long time cracking the crossword puzzle I gave after playing Jenga. We somehow enjoyed playing Jenga since it’s really exhilarating especially when it comes to the point where a block could collapse everything down. Eventually, the girls won over the boys and we all clapped hands for the girls though it wasn’t good for the other team. Continue reading »


Have you experienced being in love and torn apart with somebody whom you loved the most? This afternoon I’ve chatted with my dearest friend and ex-colleague and she told me a very long story about her love life as she has just broke up with her boyfriend recently. After that long chat, I realized that keeping a relationship alive doesn’t take only one side instead it has to be both parties taking part of watering it like plants do need enough sunshine and water. Well, as she said that it has all been done and what’s most important now is to move on. After all, the show must go on in spite of all the things that happened.