They are my angels

I still can’t get over with singing over and over with the song “God gave me you” especially the chorus. I just love the wordings of the song. I know my husband, my eldest son and my daughter are the angels sent by God to love me for who I am. Regardless of my imperfection, I am so happy that I have my own family who loved me so dearly even if sometimes I am so hard to understand and get along with. Love them so much!

Hope to feel better soon

Whenever I will feel better, I will see to it that I will try to throw trashes from that 2nd room. I need to do it because trash is a trash and people are more important than trashes. If that 2nd room will be emptied then, it will be a good place for me and for my kids to stay during the night and day for relaxing, sleeping, playing besides staying in the living room.

Hello world!

Just blogging on all things about my life, my family, work, hobbies, and all! So, be with me and my journey in the blogosphere. I may be writing or it will be my wife who will do the updates in here. All in all, this will be a family’s blog mixed with just anything worth blogging for! Blessings to all who will visit my site!