Why roses and flowers changes colors

I am wondering why my rose bushes changed color this year. It was like whitish – pinkish last year and now it is purely red. So, I search for the reason and according to http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/why_are_my_roses_changing_color – the reasons are: the weather, if it’s grafted, and due to mutation. And it’s not surprising if the flowers will change its color as it is just normal. Okay, fine!

For me it’s still a blessing

As I am thinking of this topic – “the poorest cities in America – http://homes.yahoo.com/news/the-poorest-cities-in-america-172735755.html – I would say that it is not really poor as there is still salary that anyone is receiving. Well, this is just my opinion. Whatever the amount of the salary will be, for as long as there is still something to receive to every month, then that is the most important thing in my part. Though, I do not know with other people. But I am just practicing a grateful heart so that I will not be having any problems at all.

Some things that I want to do

Photo Canvas
Some of my friends do some product pitching wherein they do have beautiful Photo 4 Canvas freebies from those generous people. The size varies on their request. But the one that I do like were the huge canvasses in which most of them choose to hang it on their entertainment rooms and some on their living rooms. Upon seeing it, I also thought “why not join them in pitching and get my own freebies too”. If I have my chance of receiving some freebies in which I could seldom enjoy, then that would be a great gift for me on this heart’s day – Valentine’s Day. Continue reading »