More than 3 hours of nap and a dream

I took a nap for around 3hours or more today, and it feels good. I was hoping to dream about my parents and my siblings back home, but then they didn’t get in my dreams. I just miss them a lot as it’s been more than 10 years that I haven’t seen them in person. Despite that, I am happy to see them in video or in photos and thanks to the new technologies.

Yes, I did dream of something, and it’s about my car and puppies. In my dream, I got to find my car coz I was confused about where I parked it. I also damaged the remote button in which after a while it was fixed. There was a man who was about to fix my car, and it’s almost past 5pm, and I was worried that he cannot fix it as it would be his off time. So, I was looking for my car back and forth the hotel. But I ended up falling asleep inside one of the rooms with an inflatable bed – hahaha. I woke up when the personnel of the hotel deflates the bed, and I felt like I slowly going down while asleep. I saw the personnel wearing blacks (men), but I did not see their faces. I also saw a girl wearing a blue, but I did not see her face. I was looking for my shoes or slippers, but I cannot find any, and after a while, I felt like I was wearing my shoes again. Then, I was out of the hotel roaming around looking for my car again coz I was confused about the parking spaces. While walking, I reached a neighborhood it’s like I was back home in my country and talking to people. I saw a dog who was lonely and was trying to get up from a small ditch. I was just looking at the puppy. Then I met an old woman whom was jolly in talking to me and she was proud her mama gave her 500 pesos. So I told her that she’s rich. And we keep on walking until we met a puppy. She gave the puppy food coz she was eating some chips, and I didn’t have any. So the puppy bit my fingers. It wasn’t painful though, but I want to get away from the pup. AND THEN I WOKE UP FROM MY DREAM.

My own interpretation of my dreams:
I think I am confused with my current finances and that represents my car. It’s like it will show up and it will not. But with this, I put my trust in God with everything that I am doing especially my source of income as I am a freelance writer.

Puppy – okay, I think this represents my friends. I don’t know who is lonely. I am praying for that person whoever that person is. With the pup that bit my hand, I am praying for that friend who is maybe angry with me or have an ill-feeling towards me. God bless them always.

Got to do things even if I hate doing it

I’ve got to do the things that I hate doing so that I can have a good result at the end of it. I just need to work because if I don’t work, no one will give me something. I need to work smart, but if I need to work hard, then I have to do it. There are lots of people who are relying on me, and I need to move forward. I need to keep on moving even if I don’t want to. That is why I am still alive because I still have a purpose and that is to serve my families and my businesses.

Got the package – thanks

This was the update of the ups package I was waiting which was incorrectly sorted. I got the package June 20th but I returned it at macy’s since I ordered 34W L32. My husband said it’s too big for him and he wanted 33W. So, okay, I returned it. I wanted to reorder but then the price wasn’t the same. I’ll wait when the price will be on sale as I got a macys gift card with my return. Tsk!

In marrying Filipinos/Filipinas

If you marry a Filipina,
You have to understand that:
She needs to send balik bayan boxes home
She needs to send monetary help for her families
She has the heart to help people out

If you cannot understand that, might as well change your mind of marrying a Filipina.

Though I know lots of people who are married to Filipinas that they learned first learned this; once they marry Filipinas, they marry the entire family.

Filipinos have huge heart to help their relatives back home. They are connected to each other and they are doing their best to help each one as much as possible.

Being positive

I just appreciate the people who helped me in so many ways. Now that I am in my mid age, I am doing my best to be more grateful in life. Every day before waking up, I’ll try to look on the positive side of life and that I am so blessed. Despite what other people will say or do, if I’ll reply back on them, I’ll try to get back into my positive side as quickly as I can. What I like to do is for me to not be affected with the lives of other people as I have my own life to take care of. Positivity is one of my tools in a better living each and every day.

Professional turn tables

I can remember that my grandparents had their turn table years ago. And so I check it out! I just miss those times and years wherein it is easy for me to play those records of the good old days. Even if the songs are way back the time I am not born yet, but I do love all the songs. How about you? Do you love records and playing it in turn tables? I know DJs love to use turn tables when they are mixing music for the benefits of those people who wants to dance and listen to good songs. Are you like that too?

Choose the good influence friends and stay away from the bad

I had a bad experience with having friendship when I was in high school and it’s the reason why I was a loner. I tried to put some wall in me so that other people cannot take advantage of me or cannot accuse me of things I did not do. Thinking of it again, I’ve realized that I experienced those things so as for me to separate from the group of bad influence. But then I was so martyr that I was going with the group even I experienced bad treatment with them. Usually they didn’t want me to go with them because they said I was the only ugly in the group. They liked to be Continue reading »

Overdrive pedal

When I browsed on where I can buy overdrive pedal, I am so happy to find it at my favorite music store. I compared prices and specifications between each models available and I am so happy to find the things that I need. Now, I’ve got to share this to my friend so that she can help me decide whether I should buy it or I’ll choose the Leslie Leslie Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal. It’s fun to shop.

Feeling like blahhhh

I just don’t feel like making updates of any of my blogs! S.O.S! HELP! I just don’t know what to write anymore. But no choice I have to work. I wish there is someone who will give me something and so that I will never work again huh. I am just tired of a life that’s….never mind… Anyway, I love writing and I can write a lot (before). What’s happening now? It’s just that, I don’t know what I am feeling right now. I feel like blahhhhhhhhhh! Hoping to write more …. Soon! Well, I guess this is writing…..a piece of article that is more than a 100 words. Tsk. Senseless! But I know I am not the only one feeling this way.