Fastest growing retailers in the US

It is nice to know the fastest growing retailers in America. It says that these companies are:
1. Amazon
2. Sherwin Williams
3. Chick-fil-A
4. Family Dollar Stores
5. Apple
6. Tractor Supply Co.
7. Whole Foods Market
8. AT&T Wireless
9. Signet Jewelers
10. Starbucks

Have you tried purchasing products from any of these stores? As for me, I only tried the two stores so far and these stores are Amazon and Whole Foods Market. I do love amazon for my kindle books and other stuff. I do love whole foods for the rice dream ice cream for my eldest son who’s allergies to regular milk. I also love this store for some good steak, soy milk, soy products, and organic chicken.

Searching for money even if you are facing it?

There are times when you have lots of opportunities for you to earn but then you are looking for something else even if you are facing it already. Often times, money is just in front of you but you are closing your eyes on it hoping you will find more even if you already have more. When you look back in your past, I am sure, you experience on this. It is like you are in the right track supposedly but then you tried to find other things in which it will lead you to no money at all because you are saying no to it by wanting something else. Now, I hope that today, you will look at your surroundings and check if you have neglected something that could be a great source of your income but you did not take care of it. Have a blessed day!


Oh I’d love looking at this photo of an employee in Publix that helped an elderly with tying a shoelace. I think this man was the angel of this elderly. This employee’s kindness was so adorable. Hope everyone would do this to people who need help. It would be nice if there is a Publix store here in CO springs but there’s none. Anyway, I hope this employee would keep on helping people more.

Thank you God

Someone said to me, “you are weird”. And I like that word. Yap, that person is right that I am weird coz I am unique. I am created in the image and likeness of God. My spirit is from God and everything in me. God knows who I am more than I know myself. He is my master. He loves me Continue reading »

How writing help

Writing helps me a lot in my life. Since I was a kid, my only friend is my pen with my papers. I would write just anything that I want to be out within myself. I was aloft when I was young even until now. I did not know how to make friends as I was very shy. Writing helps me a lot of ways Continue reading »

Choose the free video editing software

Yesterday, I was trying to get a free video editing software coz I need to edit one to be submitted for my first field work. I searched online and find out a good one. When I downloaded it, my NAV software reacted and scanned my system for a threat. Since I needed it badly, I downloaded it fully without thinking of the consequences of that free video editing software. I thought, it was just the video editing software that I’ve got but after downloading it, there were lots of programs in there. There were games, the chat, and other stuffs. It even downloaded an add-on into my browser in which it resulted to lots of ads on the websites that I visited (including my blogs). I was wondering where those ads came from and it’s good that I checked on my browser add-on and there it was being installed. After knowing all those stuff, I immediately uninstalled it and the other add-ons. I also checked my drive C for some hidden things. Then, I scanned my computer many times. Next time, I will just have to buy my video software editing and I will not go for the free ones on the web as I don’t want to experience viruses and unwanted add-ons.

When you get the chance to choose to be with someone alive or people from the past, who’s this person going to be and what vehicle would you drive?

The question was: When you get the chance to choose to be with someone alive or people from the past, who’s this person going to be and what vehicle would you drive?

I was too hesitant to answer the question as that time I was too shy. My answer was that I want to be with Jesus Christ and drive in the 50 states and I will be using the biggest truck.

That time I should be saying that I would drive my long-time dream of having the most luxurious RV in the entire world. I didn’t say it as it was the answer of the previous person who told her story (that person mentioned RV).

Now, since I own my blog, I would say that if given the chance to travel with Jesus, like he will be beside me physically, I would let him be with me in my diamond and gold decorated RV. It would be an RV that has more than 24K diamond and more than 24K real Gold. Everything inside that RV would be a comfort for Jesus to be with me. Of course, I would thank him for giving me such privileges of experiencing all the comfort in life. We would be travelling across the US, in the Philippines, and my dream place Paris France. We will travel there with same RV and we will be transported in my own diamond and gold decorated private airplane.

Another thing is that in our travels, we will not only check those beautiful places, but also we will check for those people and places who needs help. Since I am comfortable and luxurious enough in my life, I would be happy to share my life and comfort to those people who need it. I’d ask Jesus Christ to do the same or even more for other people who opened their lives to the help from him and from Heavens.

Sounds so fancy right? Well, there’s no limit with God. There’s no limit with dreaming and there’s no limit with having the best imagination if a person wants to. BESIDES, THESE THINGS ARE THE ONLY FREE THINGS IN LIFE. Oh, the same as LIFE, it is free. So, it’s good to have the humungous imaginations and dreams that I could possibly have. No one will care if I’ll dream and imagine like this, it’s my life. I don’t care about the dream and imaginations of others too. I would not laugh at theirs even if they would laugh at my mine. I don’t care also if they laugh at me.

Anyway, these are one of my greatest dreams and greatest imaginations in life. And I have lots of it, though! What’s yours?

Powers inside of you

There are powers inside of you which, if you could discover and use, would make of you everything you ever dreamed or imagined you could become. -Orison Swett Marden –

I always believe in this saying that each and every one of us has the power within ourselves. God has given us the power to do whatever good things we can for ourselves and for others. With our faith and our belief, we can do things and we can succeed in God’s name!