Positive people tend to live healthy lives

“Positive people tend to live healthier lives.”

I’ve heard this words from watching a youtube video as I want to convience myself to stay positive even if I knew already its benefits. I want to learn more and so today, I am watching and listening to this one – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDMGciWQyuA – so as for me to be more positive than ever before. Or whenever I tend to be negative at least, I have the capacity to twist my thinking and choose to being positive as I am the only who can do it. Anyway, this is a very nice video and I learned from it a lot.

The Power of Thoughts

Our thoughts are very powerful. It can either make or break us. Sometimes we are caught off guard saying negative things even when the situation is not really bad. A little inconvenience can sprout a lot of negative comments in our heads. Why is it so easy to think of negative things especially when we are having difficulties or trials along the way? Simply because we humans, I believe, are not made for perfection and by saying that, it means we are not easily satisfied with what we have. We always want more even when we have more than enough. Our needs can never be met, sad but true. 🙂

The power of our thought is immeasurably strong.

Weird or Different?

Have you ever experienced seeing a person walking backwards? At first, when I saw it at a park near my flat, I was so baffled but later did I know that elderly people intentionally walk that way because it is actually healthy. According to one of the elderlies I chatted with one day at that same park where I used to live, she said all our lives we walk forward so our front leg muscles are doing most of the hard work. So, now that she is older, she always walk backwards especially in the morning so that her back muscles will have its exercise too. I was convinced. The next day, she saw me in that same spot where she talked. She looked at me happily and said, “Now I am not alone here as early as this time (i.e. 5am). “

Want to Succeed? Get More Sleep.

I have always loved inspirational and motivational talks of seasoned speakers especially delivered by a woman of power and prowess in public speaking. That every word of motivation pointed out seems like a nourishment to my sometimes weary and unmotivated life. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot more reminiscing my old kind of lifestyle as a regular office worker slash part-time mother. I’ve been visiting those inspirational talks I had shared with my students back then. I always loved to discuss talks like the one from TED because it not only nourishes my soul but the fact that I’ve shared it with other people is more fulfilling and satisfying on my part as an ESL teacher to Korean students. Below is one of my favorites and I hope you too would also like to watch this motivational speaker, Arianna Huffington, who is a co-founder of one of the most popular online news portal – The Huffington Post. I so love this talk about success. Now, I’m thinking of getting some sleep. Smiles.

Thanks to TED.com for sharing wonderful talks to the world. Smiles.

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