UPS incorrectly sorted an order – what the – tsk

What the! I ordered an item from #macys  last june 10 and it’s passed 6 days, it hasn’t arrived yet. I tried to track it and it stated that #ups incorrectly sorted the package at their facilities and now it’s in Nampa, ID. What the! After #macys processed it last June 12 (two days after I ordered) and now it’s in another place. It should be a gift for Father’s day but how I can give it when I will not receive it by tomorrow. I am hoping #ups will deliver it by tomorrow so that I can give it as a gift this Sunday’s Father’s day celebration.

Holiday corporate gift giving

With the holidays fast approaching, many people are pondering the dos and don’ts of office gift giving. It may sometimes seem as though there are an infinite number of rules, and breaking even one can mean an uncomfortable situation for you at work. Following a few tips will help you to make the right gift giving choices.

Determine Your Company’s Gift Giving Policy

Some companies have strict rules about gift giving. Others prohibit it altogether. Find out whether there is a dollar amount limit or whether there are rules on the types of gifts you can give. Ask around to find out about any restrictions on gift giving and how they apply to your holiday giving plans.

There may also be guidelines about giving gifts to consultants, vendors and business partners. In many cases, there is a dollar limit that you cannot exceed for these partners. Gift baskets are a common choice that will allow you to give a great gift while staying within ethical gift giving guidelines.

Be Careful Buying for Your Boss

Buying gifts for your superiors can be tricky. Avoid giving any gift that could send the wrong message. If your superior is a single woman, for example, giving her perfume or lingerie may send the wrong signal. Also avoid gifts that make references to politics or religion. There are great unique corporate gift baskets that are appropriate for giving to both superiors and subordinates.

Keep it Simple

When in doubt, keep things simple. Gifts like cookies, candy or other sweet treats are often a hit for any party. Make sure your recipient does not have any dietary restrictions before giving a treat gift. These gifts are great for having on hand when there is an unexpected gift needed. The key is to not think too hard and to give something fun.

Gift Giving is Optional

Remember that gift giving is optional. Do not feel obligated to buy a gift for anyone. At the same token, do not pressure others to participate in gift giving. Holiday office gift giving is about fun and sharing, so there should be no pressure to spend money on a gift.

When it comes to holiday corporate gift giving, knowing the rules is key. Whether you are chipping in for a group gift or giving a custom gift basket, there are fantastic gifts that will help you to maintain great business relationships throughout the holidays and beyond.