IDrive Online Backup still offers free 5GB for you – check this out today

In these high technology days, everyone has lots of files to save such as documents, photos, videos, business papers and more. The important of saving all of these is a must to all and that includes you. So, how can you make all of files and documents safe? Are you thinking of having a reliable online backup? If you are, then, you are not alone since there are thousands of people who are doing that. And these people trusted their online backup companies to give them the safety and security of their files and documents. There are people who trust more on this particular company compared the other based on their tested services. So, when you want to test an online backup company, try to check their freebie services first and see if this is the one that you are looking for. One of the companies that still offer free 5GB GB is IDrive Online Backup. Yes, even if it is 2017 already but they are still offering freebie for their basic 5GB online backup. Now, this is your chance to test their reliability in which thousands of their subscribers trust them. There are many services to choose from and it’s up to you to decide which one will fit your online backup needs. So, what are you waiting for, do visit them right now or you can also call them at 1.855.815.8706.

Remote access for personal and business use

In these high technology days almost all thing are possible with just one click of a button. You can do business anywhere you like through the internet. You can conduct a business meeting and share just anything even if you are not in your office. With a Remote Access, you can easily do just anything you want to without travelling to your home or your office. With it, you can easily access your computers or whatever devices you have. Having a remote access on your computers and gadgets, you can simply manage your files, do data transfers, access your docs, listen to you audio files and many more. In doing so, you’ve got to have a good Remote access software from a good and reputable company that offers such service.

Try the free 5GB with IDrive Online Backup

I thought before that online backup is expensive. My notion changed when I’ve known IDrive Online Backup as this company is offering a free basic 5GB + 5 GB sync space. For now 5GB is all I need for all of my files in my computers, cellular phones, tablets, and iPods. This company offers secure service and I can sync all of the things that I wanted to. I tried to secure everything I have after losing all my files in my SD card. Anyway, whenever I will exceed their free package offer, I will upgrade to another package to fit in all of the files that I have had. Now, I can be at peace knowing that my files are safe and I can access is anytime and from anywhere.

So, when you want to save all of your files in your computers and gadgets (for business or personal use), do try the online backup services of and see if this is the thing that you are looking for.

Verizon is introducing 5G wireless now?

Verizon starts 5G wireless – How fast is that? I do love Verizon, as in A LOT. My family was with Verizon for several years like almost ten years. It’s fun and it’s cool. It’s a prestige when we were in the fad of the modern world. What was not fun was that, we didn’t have any savings at all. Right now, we said goodbye to the high tech phones. We want savings more than anything else. How about you and your family?

Microsoft surface pro smartphone?

Have you heard about the MS – surface pro 4 smartphone? It is way too cool? Why? For me, it looks like or I mean it is similar to iPhones. As per’s photo – It says that it is an ‘industrial design similar to surface book and surface pro 4’. That is awesome.

Do you want to buy and test it?

Carrying Pouch w/Zipper (NEW) FOR CF, MD, MS, SD, MMC, SDHD (22 slots)

Carrying Pouch w/Zipper (NEW) FOR CF, MD, MS, SD, MMC, SDHD
WITH: 22 slots (8 pages)with semi-transparent frosted bag
*18 slots for SD, SDHC, MMC, XD, SONY memory sticks Pro Dou/Mini SD or MicroSD (in Adapter)
*4 slots for CF cards/SmartMedia/MicroDrive or Ninetendo DS Games
COLOR: Black
Size: approximately 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″

Water Repellent/Anti-static inner material
This will keep your CF, MD, MS, SD, MMC, and SDHD safe from dust and dirt.
Easy to carry.
Easy to store.
Using this pouch, you can easily find all your memory cards.
Note: Memory Cards not inluded

Saying goodbye to 3G unlimited postpaid cell phone

Now that I am using a prepaid phone, my life changed a lot. I mean, I do not need to hold my phone every now and then. I will screen calls. I will just answer calls of my friends and my husband when I will be on mobile for more savings. I will not browse online on this since it will deduct with my load easily before I can open the slow browser. It’s fun though and I did not miss my old 3G unlimited postpaid cellular phone, whatsoever! Yeyyy!

Huge savings with using Tracfone triple minutes

I am using Tracfone since last year and I love it. At first, it was kind of asking if I can live without the 4G feature of my phone with monthly plan with that big telecom company. I also thought that I would miss uploading photos on FB and bragging ah este sharing about where I was and sharing my whereabouts. During the first months I was like feeling different. But after I adjusted to the fact that I don’t REALLY need the high tech features of a cellular phone it’s then I learned to love the prepaid phone. It means that I would just pay for the thing that I would use. And today, I reloaded my tracfone for about $21+ (including tax) and it will be of service until November of this year because I availed the triple minutes. It’s fun to have this prepaid cell phone. It’s one way of saving more.  I hope the load that I have right now would last for a long time.

Android X2

My husband wanted to change the screen protector of her Android X phone. He thought that it still had something on the screen in which he can’t remove. So, what he did, he try to use a nail cutter on in the phone and it chipped he screen off down to the chips. So the result, his phone can’t be used again. No choice but he needed to purchase another unit. Before going home, he dropped by at the Verizon office and paid more than $400 for one Android X2 cell phone.