An apple a day

This is a good explanation of the advantages of eating apple in a day – Also this relates to the religious side about Adam eating apple in the Garden of Eden. Anyway, in scientific method, I know now that apple can help cleanse the teeth and prevent cholesterol. It has lots of Vitamin C, as you know it already. It can also prevent Alzheimer’s Disease with its quercetin properties. For you to know more, do visit the link I used above.

Food allergies lists

These are the list of foods that needs to be checked when buying something –, especially if babies, kids, or persons are allergic to eggs, peanuts, wheat, etc. I have come to find this one because my kid is allergic to eggs, cow’s milk, peanuts, and red meat seafood. Continue reading »

Eating cold in freezing weather

It is very cold outside right now and it reflects inside the house. The heater keeps on functioning to keep me warm but here I am chilling with this cold ice cream. Nyaha. Now, after munching these huge amount of very cold freezing ice cream, I need to drink hot water. What? Yes, I need to do it coz I am shivering right now. Nyaha. I hope my teeth and gums will be fine with this thing that I am doing. Ha-ha!