Gotta love making doll stuffs

As much as I want to close my Etsy store, but I want to sew baby diapers for dolls. I just feel like making kids happy by making them doll accessories. I am not earning much as my store is still new but whenever there are some orders, I will be happy sewing baby doll stuffs. I am not an expert in dolls thingy but I am doing my best to create at least useable items for kiddos with a lesser price. I am just a kid at heart as always.

MAKE TIME FOR WHAT YOU LOVE – Lily and the Snowman – I just love this short movie clip

I first saw this December 19, 2015 and posted it on my FB wall. When I tried to check on my past posts, it’s then I remembered this short clip but meaningful one: MAKE TIME FOR WHAT YOU LOVE.

Time is the most precious gift that you can give to the people that you love most! Give time to them. It’s the most memorable one and it’s irreplaceable.

Positive people tend to live healthy lives

“Positive people tend to live healthier lives.”

I’ve heard this words from watching a youtube video as I want to convience myself to stay positive even if I knew already its benefits. I want to learn more and so today, I am watching and listening to this one – – so as for me to be more positive than ever before. Or whenever I tend to be negative at least, I have the capacity to twist my thinking and choose to being positive as I am the only who can do it. Anyway, this is a very nice video and I learned from it a lot.

I think this is for the year 2014 – the 25 best places to retire as per their URL

According to the #1 place to retire is Abilene, Texas. I’ve tried to read it from their list of the 25th place to the 1st place, hoping to see Colorado but then, I’ve seen none. Anyway, the url is – So, maybe the entire title of this article is ‘THE 25 BEST PLACES TO RETIRE IN 2014’ and not the present or future best places to retire (?). With Abilene, TX they described the place for having robust economy, warm climate, cost of living 13% below national average (I like this thing), average home price is $139,000 and with the cons of not very walkable. The things that I love most are the 13% below national average cost of living and the WARM CLIMATE. I just love warm places that will have green surroundings all year round.

DJ and Sound Solutions for your memorable wedding celebration

There are many occasions in your life that you considered memorable. But what is that event that you considered the most memorable one and you have lots of preparations for it? Do you consider wedding is the most important one? If so, when is your wedding going to be? Did you already prepare for your entourage, venues, invitations, church, honeymoon, giveaways, etc.?

I hope everything is set for this special and important occasion in your life. Wedding is so special that you will say to yourself, “this is going to be the first, the last and it will be beyond forever”. Wedding and marriage is sacred – it should last a lifetime. You choose that person and you need to be with each other for the rest of your lives. Of course, in your reception, it would be so romantic and memorable to hire professional wedding DJ Washington DC. Professional DJs know their lines and can help you with entertaining your guests in order to make your wedding fun and full of memories. Mostly, you can hire these professionals in entertainment companies like JG Entertainment. Do you want to hire and book your wedding events with them? If yes, then you need to make a reservation as early as you can since they will be fully booked mostly by summer and fall. This company has DJs who are available 7 days a week. Also, JD Entertainment can offer you sound solutions. The right number for you to contact right now is 703-810-769.

Dryer vent cleaning

How much do you love your home and your home appliances? How much do you love your health? What will you do in order for you to take care of you home and its appliances in such a way that you are also taking care of your health?

There are many ways of taking care everything and you know that already! In your home, one of the most important things is the dryer. This machine is so convenient that it will help you dry your washed laundry in an hour or less. What are you doing with taking care of it? Are you checking its hose and everything in it? Anyway, your dryer and its vent need to be checked from time to time similar to this dryer vent cleaning Scottsdale AZ .

Now, let me tell you my story. There was a time that I was ignoring everything in my home and this includes my dryer machine. I am just making my laundry and drying the clothes. When time comes that there are lots of dusts and I can’t bear the heat, I tried to ask a question to myself “Why I did experience such things?” When I looked around, the vent of the dryer was detached and when I checked for it, oh my goodness, it was full of dirt. So, with it, I called up my repair and dryer cleaner and asked him to clean it. From that time on, I said to myself that I’ll be taking care of everything especially my dryer machine this saved me money and also this saved my health.

Now, how about you? Are you taking care of your dryer machine? Have you experienced that thing that I had?

When you suffer pregnancy loss

Miscarriage can be a very devastating thing to go through, no matter whether or not they have been through it before. According to, Miscarriage, also sometimes known as spontaneous abortion, is defined as a spontaneous loss of pregnancy anytime in the first twenty weeks. There are some risk factors that can make it more likely that a woman will suffer a miscarriage. Those risk factors include things like drug use, alcohol abuse, smoking, the mother’s age being over 35, uncontrolled illness like lupus or diabetes, or hormonal or structural abnormalities in the mother, such as uterine fibroids, or fallopian tube defects. Most of the time, the first and foremost sign of miscarriage is abnormal vaginal bleeding. In some cases, spotting during early pregnancy does not indicate a problem, but it should always be reported to a doctor. Bright red bleeding, or bleeding that is moderate to severe are both signs of a miscarriage, along with things like mild to moderate cramping, back pain, or the passing of tissue or other clot like material. If you notice a sudden ceasing of your pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea or breast tenderness, this could be a sign that a miscarriage is occurring. However, keep in mind that some women never have any symptoms associated with miscarriage, so normal and regular prenatal care is very important to stay up to date about any changes going on in your pregnancy.

Living simply

Oh my, this is one cool family – Thanks yahoo for featuring this one. I now learn to love what I have as of the present. And I also remember my life when I was still with my parents that we had simple living to the point that we use kerosene for our lamp during the night, no cars for ride as we walk minutes to hours from top of the hill down to the city and back. So much more I learned my about my simple life. Now, I won’t complain about my life that I want more or something. For as long as my family is healthy – my kids and my husband, that would be all to me. Thank you!

When experiencing car accident – call expert accident lawyer to handle the case

Driving safely is one of the first things to keep in mind when on mobile. Thinking positive things should be a habit all the time so as to attract safety on the road. Most of the times, praying as well as ranting good things and positive things would help a person drive safely together with other motorists. Aside from that, proper rest and relaxation would always help a person have the courage and to be alert on the road.

But what if you did experience your first real car accident? What will you do in order for you to feel better? What if your car cannot be used again and it’s totally damage? And what if you are a victim of hit and run? What if you did have injuries with that particular car accident? Who would be the first person who can rescue with the benefits that you need most?

Experiencing real car accident is not easy to handle. Driving on the road is unpredictable as always. According to Wikipedia auto accident statistics that on year 2011 alone, there were at least 89 people who did not survived on the roadways every day. Now, imagine how traumatic that would be!

With regards to this real car accident, according to my friend Susan that in her driving for more ten years upon living in the US and doing her best to be safe on the road when all of a sudden she experienced a car accident together with her two daughters, that was tough thing for her to handle and to get over with. The good part there was her two daughters who were riding with her at the passenger seat were all safe. But she had injuries on her face, shoulders, her body, her back and her legs. She underwent a chiropractor for several months as she experienced sore muscles and body aches. At first she worried about her situation but everything was okay because she hired the right attorney to handle her car accidents case. Knowing that she had the right lawyer to defend her and to do all the legal cases for her made her feeling a bit okay. Somehow, it helped her to deal with the accident in a manner that she recovered as fast as she could. She could not thank enough for her lawyer to help with her car accident case and in receiving the right benefits that she needed most.

Miami Beach condo build outs

The beautiful Miami Florida is the 42nd  largest city in the US with population of more than 400 hundred thousand and it is located in the southeastern county.  This city is a major center and leader in the finance, commerce, culture, entertainment and so much more.  See how wonderful Miami living is?  Would love living in here? How would like to invest with the beautiful properties in Miami? Would you think Miami is a beautiful haven for you during the fall and winter on the other part of the US? Going back to investing, how would you love to buy some condo units in this beautiful city?

One great thing to have in Miami, since it is so progressive, is to have condo build-outs in Miami.  In order to have this, is to find the the right custom home builder. Just like any other state wherein you careful choose the one who will build your home. And when in this place, do select most famous Miami Beach construction build-outs that you can find so that your home would be the most durable place to live with. Whether you will just be using your home as your vacation place or you will stay there for good, you should choose the expert builders who can do the custom building for you. Now, how to choose the right one? Okay, first, you need to check for the licensed. If the builders are licensed meaning they are insured. The next is you need to compare them to other custom builders and see for some good reviews. Another thing is that you need to see for some referrals. You know in referrals, you will learn that this builder is good because maybe some of your relatives or friends are satisfied with their work and most of all check for the years of business operations. If this builder operates and in the business for several years, then, that is a key point that the people in this custom building company are good. These are just few of the things to consider when hiring custom builders. You can simply ask more questions and dig some answers if you are going to hire custom builders in making your condo or your home in Miami Florida.



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