Making an extra room for my kiddos

For the past week, I was doing my best to clean the extra room in the house so that I can give a little space for my kids. And last night, it was their first night in the room. It’s a shared room and it’s so nice to see them using it after living in this house for more than 10 years. Thank goodness that finally that extra room is functioning. I am not done with cleaning though as I need to sort all of my things coz most of the things in there are my goods for sale online. I hope I can sort all my stuff and give a little extra space for the house and for each of the family members.

Positive people tend to live healthy lives

“Positive people tend to live healthier lives.”

I’ve heard this words from watching a youtube video as I want to convience myself to stay positive even if I knew already its benefits. I want to learn more and so today, I am watching and listening to this one – – so as for me to be more positive than ever before. Or whenever I tend to be negative at least, I have the capacity to twist my thinking and choose to being positive as I am the only who can do it. Anyway, this is a very nice video and I learned from it a lot.

Gotta love making doll stuffs

As much as I want to close my Etsy store, but I want to sew baby diapers for dolls. I just feel like making kids happy by making them doll accessories. I am not earning much as my store is still new but whenever there are some orders, I will be happy sewing baby doll stuffs. I am not an expert in dolls thingy but I am doing my best to create at least useable items for kiddos with a lesser price. I am just a kid at heart as always.

MAKE TIME FOR WHAT YOU LOVE – Lily and the Snowman – I just love this short movie clip

I first saw this December 19, 2015 and posted it on my FB wall. When I tried to check on my past posts, it’s then I remembered this short clip but meaningful one: MAKE TIME FOR WHAT YOU LOVE.

Time is the most precious gift that you can give to the people that you love most! Give time to them. It’s the most memorable one and it’s irreplaceable.

It’s Been a Great Day

Indeed, a great day for us here. My baby isn’t very demanding of my time today. He has a great nap this afternoon and I got many things done in just barely four hours. When I began to sit down and sip my afternoon coffee, he opened his eyes, asked for milk and smile after he drank the bottle bottom up. Whew! What a great day indeed for me and my little boy, :).

When you suffer pregnancy loss

Miscarriage can be a very devastating thing to go through, no matter whether or not they have been through it before. According to, Miscarriage, also sometimes known as spontaneous abortion, is defined as a spontaneous loss of pregnancy anytime in the first twenty weeks. There are some risk factors that can make it more likely that a woman will suffer a miscarriage. Those risk factors include things like drug use, alcohol abuse, smoking, the mother’s age being over 35, uncontrolled illness like lupus or diabetes, or hormonal or structural abnormalities in the mother, such as uterine fibroids, or fallopian tube defects. Most of the time, the first and foremost sign of miscarriage is abnormal vaginal bleeding. In some cases, spotting during early pregnancy does not indicate a problem, but it should always be reported to a doctor. Bright red bleeding, or bleeding that is moderate to severe are both signs of a miscarriage, along with things like mild to moderate cramping, back pain, or the passing of tissue or other clot like material. If you notice a sudden ceasing of your pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea or breast tenderness, this could be a sign that a miscarriage is occurring. However, keep in mind that some women never have any symptoms associated with miscarriage, so normal and regular prenatal care is very important to stay up to date about any changes going on in your pregnancy.

Living simply

Oh my, this is one cool family – Thanks yahoo for featuring this one. I now learn to love what I have as of the present. And I also remember my life when I was still with my parents that we had simple living to the point that we use kerosene for our lamp during the night, no cars for ride as we walk minutes to hours from top of the hill down to the city and back. So much more I learned my about my simple life. Now, I won’t complain about my life that I want more or something. For as long as my family is healthy – my kids and my husband, that would be all to me. Thank you!

Food allergies lists

These are the list of foods that needs to be checked when buying something –, especially if babies, kids, or persons are allergic to eggs, peanuts, wheat, etc. I have come to find this one because my kid is allergic to eggs, cow’s milk, peanuts, and red meat seafood. Continue reading »

Choose the perfect summer camps for kids

Are you kids your most priorities in life? I am sure you do. Your kids are your inspirations and it is the reason why you are working so hard so that you can provide just any things that they want and need. Food, clothing and shelter are one of the few things that you are longing to give them. Of course that includes the right education from a good school with some recreational activities for them to enjoy, learn good stuff, and to mingle with other kids same age as them.

Looking for summer camps
Are you looking forward for your kids to enjoy their summer vacation? I bet you do huh. As early as now, I think you are searching for the summer camps that your kids might like and enjoy. Now, there are some Tips on Trips and Camps that might interest you in which I hope it will. One tip is that you need to research it from a good website in which it would be like your one stop in searching for the perfect summer camps for your kids. Another thing is that choose a website that will give you “free advisory” on anything about the best summer camps in your area. Choose also the one that will guide you to some good programs for your kids to learn and enjoy during their summer camps and sleep away with the cost that is within your budget.  Also, inquire for the personnel that will be in charge in that particular program with that certain summer camps.  These are just few of the things that might be your concern in choosing the right sleep away summer camps for your kiddos.

Check on this
If you like, do call (866) 222-TIPS or visit for personal inquiries about the most ideal summer camps and sleep away that your kids might treasure and love.

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