Seriously joshhomme kicked a female on his concert?

OMG, what is wrong with this singer that he kicked a female photographer?
I hope chelsealaurenla is fine after that incident.

But who is Josh Homme by the way? Oh, I am not familiar about this acoustic singer (?). I mean, well, KARMA will take good care of him.

Yes I am not familiar with him but now I know who he is. People should not watch his concert ever again! Not a good influence to anyone!

Want to Succeed? Get More Sleep.

I have always loved inspirational and motivational talks of seasoned speakers especially delivered by a woman of power and prowess in public speaking. That every word of motivation pointed out seems like a nourishment to my sometimes weary and unmotivated life. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot more reminiscing my old kind of lifestyle as a regular office worker slash part-time mother. I’ve been visiting those inspirational talks I had shared with my students back then. I always loved to discuss talks like the one from TED because it not only nourishes my soul but the fact that I’ve shared it with other people is more fulfilling and satisfying on my part as an ESL teacher to Korean students. Below is one of my favorites and I hope you too would also like to watch this motivational speaker, Arianna Huffington, who is a co-founder of one of the most popular online news portal – The Huffington Post. I so love this talk about success. Now, I’m thinking of getting some sleep. Smiles.

Thanks to for sharing wonderful talks to the world. Smiles.

MAKE TIME FOR WHAT YOU LOVE – Lily and the Snowman – I just love this short movie clip

I first saw this December 19, 2015 and posted it on my FB wall. When I tried to check on my past posts, it’s then I remembered this short clip but meaningful one: MAKE TIME FOR WHAT YOU LOVE.

Time is the most precious gift that you can give to the people that you love most! Give time to them. It’s the most memorable one and it’s irreplaceable.

DJ and Sound Solutions for your memorable wedding celebration

There are many occasions in your life that you considered memorable. But what is that event that you considered the most memorable one and you have lots of preparations for it? Do you consider wedding is the most important one? If so, when is your wedding going to be? Did you already prepare for your entourage, venues, invitations, church, honeymoon, giveaways, etc.?

I hope everything is set for this special and important occasion in your life. Wedding is so special that you will say to yourself, “this is going to be the first, the last and it will be beyond forever”. Wedding and marriage is sacred – it should last a lifetime. You choose that person and you need to be with each other for the rest of your lives. Of course, in your reception, it would be so romantic and memorable to hire professional wedding DJ Washington DC. Professional DJs know their lines and can help you with entertaining your guests in order to make your wedding fun and full of memories. Mostly, you can hire these professionals in entertainment companies like JG Entertainment. Do you want to hire and book your wedding events with them? If yes, then you need to make a reservation as early as you can since they will be fully booked mostly by summer and fall. This company has DJs who are available 7 days a week. Also, JD Entertainment can offer you sound solutions. The right number for you to contact right now is 703-810-769.

Fun Race

I’ve come up with such wondrous ideas while I was bathing this morning. I read it in one of the suggested sites of my colleague and I applied it in my class with elementary school students. Indeed, it really worked out with them. We enjoyed a lot most especially when we run out of time while making the Olympic torches for we weren’t able to go to Wenzhou to witness the official torch pass by. We just created some games and fun stuffs to spice our classes with a taste of the Olympics thing. Today’s been all right for all of us in school and I hope it would be the same tomorrow.

Choose the perfect summer camps for kids

Are you kids your most priorities in life? I am sure you do. Your kids are your inspirations and it is the reason why you are working so hard so that you can provide just any things that they want and need. Food, clothing and shelter are one of the few things that you are longing to give them. Of course that includes the right education from a good school with some recreational activities for them to enjoy, learn good stuff, and to mingle with other kids same age as them.

Looking for summer camps
Are you looking forward for your kids to enjoy their summer vacation? I bet you do huh. As early as now, I think you are searching for the summer camps that your kids might like and enjoy. Now, there are some Tips on Trips and Camps that might interest you in which I hope it will. One tip is that you need to research it from a good website in which it would be like your one stop in searching for the perfect summer camps for your kids. Another thing is that choose a website that will give you “free advisory” on anything about the best summer camps in your area. Choose also the one that will guide you to some good programs for your kids to learn and enjoy during their summer camps and sleep away with the cost that is within your budget.  Also, inquire for the personnel that will be in charge in that particular program with that certain summer camps.  These are just few of the things that might be your concern in choosing the right sleep away summer camps for your kiddos.

Check on this
If you like, do call (866) 222-TIPS or visit for personal inquiries about the most ideal summer camps and sleep away that your kids might treasure and love.

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Qualities That Set A Great Cheerleader From The Rest

Is there a certain quality that a cheerleader should have in order to be the leader of the squad? Cheerleaders are known for their dedication and determination. With the kind of practice and training cheerleading require, those who want to be in the squad have to be prepared physically and mentally.

Does a Cheerleader Accept Challenges?
A good cheerleader is willing to try new things. She is not afraid to go outside her comfort zone to try different stunts or routines. She is not one who becomes complacent with tried and practiced cheer moves. She accepts challenges and never gives up trying for the sake and benefit of the squad. A new and difficult stunt or routine is a challenge not every member of the squad can accept or overcome. If the stunt will make the routine spectacular to eyes of the spectators, the leader should be able to convince the rest of the squad to be patient in practicing the new stunt or move.

Does She Practice Routines Religiously?
Practice makes perfect. This applies to cheerleading as well. The complexity of some stunts will require members of the squad to be patient and not get bored doing the same stunts or routines repeatedly. Some members of the squad may learn fast while others may take longer than usual to perfect the move. A good cheerleader will offer constructive advice to help the struggling squad member get the skill or technique to be able to do the move correctly.

Is She A Team Player?
As a leader of the cheerleading squad, a good leader does not focus everything on her. She would allow other members of the squad to have their ‘shining” moments during the performance. After all, cheerleading is not about the leaders. It is the concerted effort and coordination of every member that makes their performance appealing to everyone. A cheerleading performance becomes spectacular if delivered in such precision and synchronization.

Is She A Likeable Squad Leader?
This is what sets a great squad leader from a good one. There are leaders who manifest their leadership in such authoritative manner that the rest of the squad becomes uncomfortable in the presence of the leader. But there are others who are able to let the squad knows she means business when it comes to the squad’s training and practice, but still remains likeable; approachable and not intimidating. With a cheerleader like that, practice and training sessions become significantly light and easy to handle. The pressure to perform a high level is there but the squad sees it as required of everyone and not of a single member of the squad. The leader makes sure the squad feels that way.

Is She Capable of Handling Criticisms?
Most of the time routines become extraordinary if everyone is willing to try and experiment on different techniques or moves. And it cannot be avoided that criticisms will surface as the team tries to get the move close to perfection, if not perfectly. A great cheerleader should have an open mind to listen to other’s point of view and be objective about the criticism. It shouldn’t be taken as a personal attack but just a point of view that may be beneficial for the entire squad.

These are just some of the questions, the answers of which will determine the kind of cheerleader your squad has.
Does your cheerleader have a cheerleading heart and attitude?


Wedding day – one of the most memorable events in life

Are you planning to get married? Do you have a wedding planner already? How would you like to celebrate this most important day of your life? Would you hire someone to do everything for you or would prefer to just plan everything for you and your fiancée?
Whatever your plans will be, I surely believe that it would be the most memorable wedding for you and for that person whom you chose to be with for life.

There are many people who want to make the best of their wedding day. I know for one and that is my sister who made everything possible for her and for her husband. What my sister like was any of the wedding venues in Grand Rapids Michigan. Yes, this was how ambitious my sister during her wedding day. For her, weddings in Grand Rapids Michigan was one memorable place and event for her since she already committed herself to just marry one and only man who could be with her forever. She said that wedding receptions in Grand Rapids Michigan, would be so adorable.

True enough, she did the most memorable thing for her wedding. And she was the one who spent everything. All in all, she was satisfied with everything that she experienced during her wedding day.

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Love you ma-baby



Love you baby! Forevermore, I will be with you! Even if God will take my breathe away, I will still be watching you! Love you beyond eternal!

Note: Thanks for the owner of this video!