How to unfollow post in any FB page but still Liked it

FB Likes are need much for page owners these days. Most FB page owners are happy that every once in a while they will have lots of FB likes from people they know and from anyone on the internet.

But what if you don’t like the posts of the page that you’ve liked, what will you do with it? Okay it is very simple. You can visit that page, then, hoover your mouse cursor on the LIKE and you can see a pop-up choice. You can then click the ‘posts in News Feed’, then chose the UNFOLLOW, then click Done. And that’s it. Unfollowing the page that you LIKED doesn’t mean that you unliked that whole FB page. It would just mean that you cannot see any updates of that page even if you click the ‘like’ page button.

Check on the screenshot below and do it for the pages that you don’t want to see any update.

Anyway, if you happen to like my blog FB pages, thank you so much. When you don’t want to see my updates, just please unfollow the news feeds and please still like my pages. Okay? God bless you always!

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Hi Everyone! ;)

I’m so happy to be back here again. I hope I can update this site more often than before despite my busy schedule here at school. I hope to share everything here. Alright, I think I need to sleep now. I will just post more tomorrow as I’ve got an early work tomorrow. Good night y’all guys…Miss you here… ^^

>Using a domain or not?

>As what I’ve said before that I don’t want to use blogger anymore but then here I am blogging with I still don’t know yet if I will have to put a domain in this one. I will just see if I will change my mind and manage the publishing of this for a Continue reading »

I’m Lovin’ It!

After a few hours of experimenting on this beautiful creation, I can say that it’s worth the late sleep I’m having tonight. It’s okay at least when I wake up tomorrow, I’m gonna be thinking excitedly of opening this bloggie o mine knowing of the recent changes I’m doing with it through some helpful plugins I’ve found here on WordPress. Thanks, I’m so happy and excited to write more…wait it’s gonna be tomorrow. Got to doze of for now…write soon. 🙂 I’m lovin’ this site even more! 🙂