Want to join the International Home Show in March 15th through 18th?

How would you like to attend this International Home Show March 15th through 18th in Chicago USA? If you are interested do check on this as it will be March soon. It stated that this will be under McCormick Place in Chicago wherein participants can see many “first hand consumer lifestyle and product trends for all areas of home”. Furthermore, it is noted that there are “categories of shows within a show expos”. If I am correct, it is mentioned that these are Dine + Design, Discover Design, Clean Contain + Sustain, Wired + Well, and Global.

If you want to be a participant on this International Home Show this March, how would you like to have this 10′ hybrid tradeshow display when you have some products to show case? You know having the proper trade show banner, banner stand, and or trade show booth for your products would be of great help to let everyone know about what your company can offer to the market. It would also be wonderful if you will customize it with the fee that is within your budget. Would you think your company’s products and services deserves to be noticed by everyone else? I bet you would say yes to this. And talking about banners, banner stands, and trade show booths, the bigger or the biggest that you will choose, there will be a huge chance that everyone will be drawn to see your amazing products. And you already know what to do when customizing it. You need to use the colors that are catching to the people along with the nice graphics and beautiful photos with of course the name of your company. Yay, this is one amazing thing that you will do this March.

Now, is it confirmed now that you will be one of the participants in this March International Home Show this 15th to 18th? If you will, then have lots of fun and make everyone know what you can offer to them.

Photo Credits: exhibitsetc.com

Bad low paying advertisers

Imagine that there are some advertisers who will pay $1 or less for their fifty words articles! Well, no problem with that, right! The only problem is that there is another requirement for the ever low payout and that the article written for them will stay in the homepage for at least one year! Yikes!

Why those low paying advertisers will request such thing? There are lots of good businessmen and businesswomen out there which will pay $5, $10, $15, and up for an article but they NOT will request that the assignments will stay at the blog homepage. All they need is for their articles to have permanent links so that it will be a solid backlinks for their websites.

For these ever low paying advertisers, hope they will think what they are doing.  It’s surely a bad business for them and for their websites. It will even be a shame on their sites and on their business to request such thing of having the articles that they’ve requested on the homepage for at least a year with their payout of $1 or less!

Well, if they will pay at least $100 for that article for a year, then maybe it will remain at the homepage for a year or more! Bad for these low paying advertisers! Shame on them!