Professional web designers

I am a frustrated web designer. I want to design my own blogs and somehow improve my skills but then I opted to stop for the reason that I am the only one who will appreciate my designs. One of my designs is the one that I have in this site. This is just simple because my software and graphics are just simple as well. How I wish I have enough funds to study about web designing and will buy a license software package so that I can start my professional web designing. If I have funds to enhance my designing, the thing that I need is my time. Web designing needs enough time for me to have sensible designs.

Anyway, time and money are the things that I need and this is the reason why I stopped making my own designs. Some of my sites have new look because I bought Web Design from my web designer friends and others I bought it from those professional designers who gave me fair prices. Thank goodness that I was able to enjoy discounts with all of those. But the good things that I was happy about were the freebies I got. When few designers offered me some freebies to test if their designs were okay, of course, I said yes to all of those. Seldom people will offer free things these days and I accepted the offer. After testing one freebie and if I like the designs and the codes, I will surely order more website designs from my friends or from a particular company which will satisfy my needs.

And for this site, maybe this year I will change the looks of this one. But I am not sure yet. If my savings are enough, then I will surely have a new look in here.