Dress up for the right Events

Living in Simplicity

I am not fussy when it comes to wearing clothes, shoes, and accessories for as long as I have something to wear. I cannot even know if my attire is too old because when I will wear something I consider it as the most comfortable things that I have. Not just that but I also consider it as the most beautiful of all. Then one day, my friend gave me new pants and blouse because she thought that my clothes were a bit old. When I looked at the mirror, I said to myself that she was right – my clothes were old already. I have been wearing it for several years but I did not know that it was old coz when I look at it and wear it, I feel like I am wearing the newest fashion clothing. Anyway, going back to my friend, I was thankful that she opened my eyes that I need to buy new stuff and somehow take care of myself.

The Gifts
One of my unforgettable experiences living abroad was when my friend gave me a surprise birthday party. They went into the house and bring lots of stuff, like foods, drinks, party decorations, and gifts. For me, that was the most awesome things I’ve got in my whole life. It was a surprise for me and I felt love by them. I felt like I have my own relatives living with me here in the foreign land.

One of my travels was with my friend. We went to the other city to visit a factory outlet. We had so much fun driving around. Since she was a new driver, I told her that she can follow me and if she felt like she’s not confident, we can exit on the first exit and decide what to do. But when I exited, my friend drove fast the highway and left me behind. I tried to find the way back to the highway and go after her but to no avail. Since I was not using a GPS and I was not familiar with highway on where I will exit to the factory outlet, I was lost. She was there already and I was driving past the place. When she called up and asked where I was, I told her I was lost and it seemed that I was the new driver. She told me that she’s familiar with the place because her husband always brought her there. To make a long story short, I was just enjoying the place on where I was lost and then find the highway again to locate the place on where I supposed to meet up with her. When I was there, she asked me that we would visit one store because she wanted to buy something and guess what, she bought something for me. She did it again of giving me some clothes and apparels because she’s not only thoughtful but she always empathized on the way I dress. Thanks to my friend for always thinking about me.

Right Clothes – Right Events

Dressing up properly is a must. A person should be blend with the crowd or else she can be the clown of the place. Thinking that we need to watch sports, my friend gave me Cage of Fight Apparel and she said that I need to wear it when I will go with her in that particular event. I asked her how much it cost for her to buy it but she said that I don’t need to ask because when she will give it will be from the bottom of her heart.

I searched for it online and I’ve found out that there is an online store like MMA Overload on where a person can buy mixed martial arts clothing. So, I thought that maybe she bought the stuff there. I was not sure though since she didn’t share on where she bought the things that she gave me.

All in all, I am so grateful for everything and for every person that I have in my life.

Photo From: mmaoverload.com