More than 3 hours of nap and a dream

I took a nap for around 3hours or more today, and it feels good. I was hoping to dream about my parents and my siblings back home, but then they didn’t get in my dreams. I just miss them a lot as it’s been more than 10 years that I haven’t seen them in person. Despite that, I am happy to see them in video or in photos and thanks to the new technologies.

Yes, I did dream of something, and it’s about my car and puppies. In my dream, I got to find my car coz I was confused about where I parked it. I also damaged the remote button in which after a while it was fixed. There was a man who was about to fix my car, and it’s almost past 5pm, and I was worried that he cannot fix it as it would be his off time. So, I was looking for my car back and forth the hotel. But I ended up falling asleep inside one of the rooms with an inflatable bed – hahaha. I woke up when the personnel of the hotel deflates the bed, and I felt like I slowly going down while asleep. I saw the personnel wearing blacks (men), but I did not see their faces. I also saw a girl wearing a blue, but I did not see her face. I was looking for my shoes or slippers, but I cannot find any, and after a while, I felt like I was wearing my shoes again. Then, I was out of the hotel roaming around looking for my car again coz I was confused about the parking spaces. While walking, I reached a neighborhood it’s like I was back home in my country and talking to people. I saw a dog who was lonely and was trying to get up from a small ditch. I was just looking at the puppy. Then I met an old woman whom was jolly in talking to me and she was proud her mama gave her 500 pesos. So I told her that she’s rich. And we keep on walking until we met a puppy. She gave the puppy food coz she was eating some chips, and I didn’t have any. So the puppy bit my fingers. It wasn’t painful though, but I want to get away from the pup. AND THEN I WOKE UP FROM MY DREAM.

My own interpretation of my dreams:
I think I am confused with my current finances and that represents my car. It’s like it will show up and it will not. But with this, I put my trust in God with everything that I am doing especially my source of income as I am a freelance writer.

Puppy – okay, I think this represents my friends. I don’t know who is lonely. I am praying for that person whoever that person is. With the pup that bit my hand, I am praying for that friend who is maybe angry with me or have an ill-feeling towards me. God bless them always.