Working from home or working outside home?

For almost a year now, I am thinking of whether to work outside my home or to be full time stay at home mother and at the same time work online with a regular jobs while doing freelance writing. You know, I did my best to apply online but then, I was not successful. It was around 3 companies – work from home but fortunately, I did not get the job. The pay for those companies was good but then I was not successful for it. The next thing that I did was to send my application but I got no reply. I also tried to apply online but still right now, I am waiting for a result. With everything that I experience, I think my life would just be a stay at home parent because aside from having a freelance writing, I also do homeschooling to my 3rd grade kid. If I will work outside my home, that would be a conflict to my obligation to my family especially to my homeschooler. But I’ll just see if there will be blessings and personal job interviews that I will be receiving in the coming days. One thing is that I do believe that God knows what’s best for me.