Choose the good influence friends and stay away from the bad

I had a bad experience with having friendship when I was in high school and it’s the reason why I was a loner. I tried to put some wall in me so that other people cannot take advantage of me or cannot accuse me of things I did not do. Thinking of it again, I’ve realized that I experienced those things so as for me to separate from the group of bad influence. But then I was so martyr that I was going with the group even I experienced bad treatment with them. Usually they didn’t want me to go with them because they said I was the only ugly in the group. They liked to be kind to me during exams because they knew I had all the answers. There was one time that almost all of the answers came from me and we were sitting on the same row (5 students in a row). I gave them all of my answers but then they did not correct me with the one that I missed. When the result came, they 4 of them were perfect and I was the one with 1 wrong. I asked them why they did not tell me that one of my answer was incorrect and they replied that it’s good to be that way so that our teacher will not know that the 5 of us were copying from each other. I said to them that all of the answers came from me except for one and it’s not fair because I shared what I knew. But they were angry at me. Despite of that, I was still going with them even if I felt left alone. I did not learn my lessons until I tried to think about it right now that I should be away from them so as to save myself and my grades.

Anyway, as lessons learned, I’ll just share it with my kiddos that they too need to be careful in choosing friends. They need to choose the one that is good influence. If no one is good enough, then it’s nice to be alone rather than being influence with those bullies and those friends who love to take advantage of the weakness of others.