Being grateful despite of…

I thought I have a virus on my word pad but thanks, God it’s just a false alarm, and I can easily remove the character that popped up on it.

And now I am back to writing the things that I need to write. I am behind with all of my update for two weeks because of the problem I have with my reseller. Until now I still need three accounts to complete the recovery process.

Even if it’s frustrating at first but right now even if I am so drained, I feel okay. It’s just three accounts to go, and everything will be okay.

Thank God for all the techs who helped me with recovering my files.

Angels are around

Wherever I’ll go, there are angels around me. Tonight, I was asked to buy a pizza, but when I got in that regular store that we’re buying all the time, it was dark. But before I could park, there was a man with a truck. I asked him if he’s calling so that we’ll know where to pay. He then knew that the place was far away from the pizza regular pizza place. So, he then canceled his order. I told him that if it’s not because of him, I didn’t know where to go because I didn’t bring my cell phone. I thank him before I left because I considered him as an angel in disguise.

So, I drove to that pizza place and told them I was not expecting that I had to drive far away. And they said that that pizza place was renovating but not totally closed. And so the number of the pizza near our place was a hub to that other place miles away from home. Tsk. Good thing, I God is always sending angels ahead of me.

Professional web designers

I am a frustrated web designer. I want to design my own blogs and somehow improve my skills but then I opted to stop for the reason that I am the only one who will appreciate my designs. One of my designs is the one that I have in this site. This is just simple because my software and graphics are just simple as well. How I wish I have enough funds to study about web designing and will buy a license software package so that I can start my professional web designing. If I have funds to enhance my designing, the thing that I need is my time. Web designing needs enough time for me to have sensible designs. Continue reading »

Are you a good steward

It is not how big or how small your income is. But it is how you are using it and how you are saving it. I have known several friends of mine who are receiving huge salaries but they are not having any savings at all. I also have known some who are having small income with their ordinary noble jobs but they are saving a lot. So, how about you? Have you been a good steward with your resources?