Anger? Stay away from it

“Stay away from anger. It hurts only you.
If you are right, then there is no need to get angry, and if you are wrong, then you don’t have any right to get angry.”

Yes, anger only hurts the one who is angry. And not just that, it will also affect other people. So, do not be angry. Just be happy and spread the good vibes especially to your kids and to your family. When you are reading this, this message is for you. Hope it will help you today.

Seriously joshhomme kicked a female on his concert?

OMG, what is wrong with this singer that he kicked a female photographer?
I hope chelsealaurenla is fine after that incident.

But who is Josh Homme by the way? Oh, I am not familiar about this acoustic singer (?). I mean, well, KARMA will take good care of him.

Yes I am not familiar with him but now I know who he is. People should not watch his concert ever again! Not a good influence to anyone!

Picking up hitchhikers in a dream means

Now I am dreaming of me picking up hitchhikers, and it means that I let people take advantage of me. Well recently, I helped someone because she just needs help and maybe it’s an indication that I need to stop. It is like I am taking problems of others as my own in which it is what I am doing most of the time. Now I need to stop because I need to take care of my own family first before helping people out.

I am thankful for that dream as it is a hint for me to prioritize my family first.

Firefox new updates won’t clear everything in history

The new update of Firefox won’t clear up everything in history. I tried many times, but it won’t do anything. I tried selecting it one by one and delete it but it won’t. Tsk, what is wrong with the new update? I hope it will be fixed in the next updates because I want to have a clear browser every time I close and restart one. I just like Firefox compared to other available browsers.

More than 3 hours of nap and a dream

I took a nap for around 3hours or more today, and it feels good. I was hoping to dream about my parents and my siblings back home, but then they didn’t get in my dreams. I just miss them a lot as it’s been more than 10 years that I haven’t seen them in person. Despite that, I am happy to see them in video or in photos and thanks to the new technologies.

Yes, I did dream of something, and it’s about my car and puppies. In my dream, I got to find my car coz I was confused about where I parked it. I also damaged the remote button in which after a while it was fixed. There was a man who was about to fix my car, and it’s almost past 5pm, and I was worried that he cannot fix it as it would be his off time. So, I was looking for my car back and forth the hotel. But I ended up falling asleep inside one of the rooms with an inflatable bed – hahaha. I woke up when the personnel of the hotel deflates the bed, and I felt like I slowly going down while asleep. I saw the personnel wearing blacks (men), but I did not see their faces. I also saw a girl wearing a blue, but I did not see her face. I was looking for my shoes or slippers, but I cannot find any, and after a while, I felt like I was wearing my shoes again. Then, I was out of the hotel roaming around looking for my car again coz I was confused about the parking spaces. While walking, I reached a neighborhood it’s like I was back home in my country and talking to people. I saw a dog who was lonely and was trying to get up from a small ditch. I was just looking at the puppy. Then I met an old woman whom was jolly in talking to me and she was proud her mama gave her 500 pesos. So I told her that she’s rich. And we keep on walking until we met a puppy. She gave the puppy food coz she was eating some chips, and I didn’t have any. So the puppy bit my fingers. It wasn’t painful though, but I want to get away from the pup. AND THEN I WOKE UP FROM MY DREAM.

My own interpretation of my dreams:
I think I am confused with my current finances and that represents my car. It’s like it will show up and it will not. But with this, I put my trust in God with everything that I am doing especially my source of income as I am a freelance writer.

Puppy – okay, I think this represents my friends. I don’t know who is lonely. I am praying for that person whoever that person is. With the pup that bit my hand, I am praying for that friend who is maybe angry with me or have an ill-feeling towards me. God bless them always.

Play area near Portal Pool Colorado Springs

This is the play area near portal pool Colorado springs. The first time we visited this place was 2012. Today is our 2nd time visiting here. My youngest kid did not like this place. I told her that she was a baby when she first visited this playground. But she said that she doesn’t want to visit this playground again coz she doesn’t like the place. She said it’s no fun at all. Though, when I asked her that we’re about to go home, she asked for one more slide until my eldest kid found a beautiful butterfly. So, I took some macro photos of it before putting the butterfly back on the ground. I visited this place for my youngest kid to see it and to take some photos of the trees that change colors. It was a fun day today. Indeed, God is good as always!

Got to do things even if I hate doing it

I’ve got to do the things that I hate doing so that I can have a good result at the end of it. I just need to work because if I don’t work, no one will give me something. I need to work smart, but if I need to work hard, then I have to do it. There are lots of people who are relying on me, and I need to move forward. I need to keep on moving even if I don’t want to. That is why I am still alive because I still have a purpose and that is to serve my families and my businesses.