Got the package – thanks

This was the update of the ups package I was waiting which was incorrectly sorted. I got the package June 20th but I returned it at macy’s since I ordered 34W L32. My husband said it’s too big for him and he wanted 33W. So, okay, I returned it. I wanted to reorder but then the price wasn’t the same. I’ll wait when the price will be on sale as I got a macys gift card with my return. Tsk!

In marrying Filipinos/Filipinas

If you marry a Filipina,
You have to understand that:
She needs to send balik bayan boxes home
She needs to send monetary help for her families
She has the heart to help people out

If you cannot understand that, might as well change your mind of marrying a Filipina.

Though I know lots of people who are married to Filipinas that they learned first learned this; once they marry Filipinas, they marry the entire family.

Filipinos have huge heart to help their relatives back home. They are connected to each other and they are doing their best to help each one as much as possible.

UPS incorrectly sorted an order – what the – tsk

What the! I ordered an item from #macys  last june 10 and it’s passed 6 days, it hasn’t arrived yet. I tried to track it and it stated that #ups incorrectly sorted the package at their facilities and now it’s in Nampa, ID. What the! After #macys processed it last June 12 (two days after I ordered) and now it’s in another place. It should be a gift for Father’s day but how I can give it when I will not receive it by tomorrow. I am hoping #ups will deliver it by tomorrow so that I can give it as a gift this Sunday’s Father’s day celebration.

Gotta love making doll stuffs

As much as I want to close my Etsy store, but I want to sew baby diapers for dolls. I just feel like making kids happy by making them doll accessories. I am not earning much as my store is still new but whenever there are some orders, I will be happy sewing baby doll stuffs. I am not an expert in dolls thingy but I am doing my best to create at least useable items for kiddos with a lesser price. I am just a kid at heart as always.

Being positive

I just appreciate the people who helped me in so many ways. Now that I am in my mid age, I am doing my best to be more grateful in life. Every day before waking up, I’ll try to look on the positive side of life and that I am so blessed. Despite what other people will say or do, if I’ll reply back on them, I’ll try to get back into my positive side as quickly as I can. What I like to do is for me to not be affected with the lives of other people as I have my own life to take care of. Positivity is one of my tools in a better living each and every day.

Get good sleep to be healthy and beautiful

Oh my, so the secret to being beautiful is to have a good night sleep. This is what I’ve read in yahoo beauty – . And I know that this is true. To be beautiful is to be healthy and nothing more. One of the secrets to stay healthy and beautiful is to have a good night sleep. I’ve tested that for so many years of having sleep deprivation. I am so moody and I have lots of negativity in my mind. Anyway, so this is it, I’ve got to have a good beauty rest every night.

Miss Grand International Philippines 2017

During the past 2 to 3 years I was into watching beauty pageants on TV. I also searched videos about beauty pageants over the internet. I just love watching those beautiful faces with beauty and brain. And it was fun whenever my favorite candidates won the crown. But it could also be heartbreaking for me to watch them if they won’t be given the chance to have the crown.

Speaking of beauty pageant, I am so happy that Ms. Clenci that represents Mandaue City Cebu Philippines won the BB Pilipinas Miss Grand International 2017. This girl is half Romanian and half Filipino and she’s so beautiful and witty. I am so proud of her and hope she will win in the International competition. Congratulations Ms. Clenci!

Photo from Google Results

Professional turn tables

I can remember that my grandparents had their turn table years ago. And so I check it out! I just miss those times and years wherein it is easy for me to play those records of the good old days. Even if the songs are way back the time I am not born yet, but I do love all the songs. How about you? Do you love records and playing it in turn tables? I know DJs love to use turn tables when they are mixing music for the benefits of those people who wants to dance and listen to good songs. Are you like that too?

One stop store for Wigs – Want to see it now?

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