Frugal in organizing my small computer table drawer

This is how I organized my small computer table drawer. I used a cereal box, cut it and taped it. Now, my drawer is so organize and I can sort the things that I want to put in my small portable computer drawer. I am living frugal these days and I want to utilize things out that’s why I am making this.

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Xylophone for sale

Learning to play a piece of music instrument is like a therapy for me. And this time, I want to learn playing xylophone. I do not want to rent anything as I want to have a piece that I can use forever. So, I am searching for a xylophone for sale with the price that is cheaper that what I can afford. And the answer to my need is my favorite online store for music instrument and that is the guitar center that I love most.

Thanks God for today’s great miracle

I was driving today with my whole family when all of the sudden there was two cars that changed lane and pulled in front of me. I was shocked and thank God that I hit the break or else it would be a strong collisions. My husband complimented on me as I was quick with using the break but I wasn’t able to say something as my heartbeat was so fast that I want to cry because I was startled with the sedan car which changed lane so quickly. Then, I said to my husband ‘thank you’ for the compliment but I said to him that it’s not me because there are angels around who can do miraculous things as they are guarding me and my family and everyone else.

Thanks God for all the good angels who’re with my family while we were driving on our way home from the post office and the grocery. Thanks God for today’s great miracle.

Uber business model – how to start one

Surely, you heard about Uber. Right? Perhaps, you even use the services of this company. Now, have you ever thought of having your own Uber business? You may ask, “how to star an Uber business? This uber business plan is pretty amazing to have. There are different ways on how to learn about uber business model. There are experts who can share in knowing the techniques in doing your own Uber business. From this people, you can learn different secrets that you will not learn from anyone else or even you cannot learn this from Uber. It says that you can also become a multi-car Uber X owner in which you can easily increase your profits. Another thing is that you need to learn some market analysis in order for you to have more profit with your Uber business and more.

With all of these things, it is always nice to be your own boss and have your own business. When you are thinking of doing it with Uber, you need to learn more and see it for yourself if all of the coaching and tutorials are the one that will help you make it big with Uber. For anything, you can check all of these and a lot more at

Homeschooling is fun when students cooperate

It’s almost the 30th of August but it seems that I don’t have much updates for my blogs. I am so busy with the homeschooling of my two kids – K and 5th grader. I’ve got to figure out more on what to do in simultaneously teaching them their daily lessons.

And the first week of homeschooling was tough – as in very tough. I was so overwhelmed with everything. For this week, it is a bit okay but I need to adjust more. I am just thankful that my youngest child is cooperating with her homeschooling that even if she is tired of reading and writing, she will request that if possible she will homeschool straight without having a break so that she can have most time of the day and night playing. At least one of my kids is thinking this way. I hope the other one will act more of his 10 years of age.

Homeschooling is fun provided the students will always cooperate every day.

Neumann microphones

I love to have this neumann microphones. I do love to sing and I am sure that this will filter my voice. This microphone is also good for DJs and other music enthusiast. Those who love music will always find good brands and good equipment.

Anyway, for me, I love to have the good brands but with the price that is within my budget. Of course, I will not sacrifice with its quality. I will always chose the one that I think will last for a long time.

How to unfollow FB page but still liking the page

I always liked pages and other things in FB. Before, I pressed the unfollow buttons of the pages, but right now, the pages are being shown again. I am a page owner and I need some followers too and so I understand how important it is not to unfollow the pages that I followed before. Every time I will see the pages that I don’t like the updates, I just need to visit that page and check on the newsfeed and tick the unfollow button. I think this is the result of FB updates. But it’s fine. I am just a user of their website and I need to understand that every updates, there will be new features or something. Anyway, here’s how you will unfollow the pages that you don’t like to read the news feeds but you don’t want to unlike it.

I can live without any phone – but hoping to recover my important files

I’ve got lots of videos to upload and edit as well as photos but my cellular phone is not working for two nights and 2 days already. I don’t have any worries though if I cannot recover all my files but it’s fine with me. I am graduate already from this technology and I can live without it. It’s just one hope that I have and that is to recover my important photos and videos. If I cannot have it, it’s just fine.

Got a niche blog – yep

I am so happy that I have a niche blog right now. It is a new site wherein it’s purely about bible. I hope to take care of it despite my busy schedule. It is just so fascinating to learn and know about the time of Jesus. Actually, I studied religious education for two years in college as part of the curriculum since I am studying in a sectarian school but then I already forgotten all of my lessons. I also joined church organization but that was more than 10 years ago and I haven’t read the bible daily since then. And I am so happy that I am guided to have this new blog that I have right now. Glory to God in the highest!